Introducing Dexter Balance!

I was minding my own business flying around Busi-Town when suddenly I heard a blood-curdling cry for help. I followed the sound and flew into the office through an open window. It was your typical old school office, desk, a couple of filing cabinets, workstation and the Boss himself in a world of hurt.

I was there to help. Maybe a credenza fell on one of his employees, maybe someone was locked in the server room and couldn’t get out, it could have been anything really. I told him what I could do but he wasn’t interested. In fact, his response puzzled me. He said, “Good for you…..” I thought, huh? What kind of response is that? Finally, he shared his real trouble; he needed help balancing his books.

To find out what happens next stay tuned for our next blog……

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Buried in a pile of receipts? Numbers out of date – or worse, books an out of control mess?

Dexter Balance, the number-crunching alter ego of Busitown superhero, Captain Balance, is here to save the day.

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