We have been very pleased by the service Daily Balance has provided our non-profit organization.  In addition to cutting our costs for accounting services, they have been most responsive to our needs.  Our organization has a weekly payment system, but if an unexpected issue should arise where we need a check issued in hours, they readily accommodate. The technology that Daily Balance uses has advanced our organization from just completing imminent accounting tasks, to spending our time developing other areas of our organization. We just do not worry about finance related things getting done any longer! I highly recommend Daily Balance as an essential professional accounting service, which meets our needs to reduce costs and maximize efficiency.

Nancy R.

I cannot express what a difference working with Daily Balance has made in our non-profits success!!  As a busy director, much of my time was spent sorting through invoices, paying them by check, copying everything that moved and double recording for our records and our recall.  Daily Balance has moved us beyond a tiny little non-profit to a thriving business! We can now apply for grants and county and state payroll donations, United Way campaigns, etcetera -  because we have the backed up financial information to qualify us for these things, in a format that is readily available and PROFESSIONAL!   Paying bills is a snap and could not be easier!

Tina C.

Daily Balance provides an excellent service for my company. I have peace of mind knowing that I have them working for me. They consistently meet and exceed my expectations. The knowledge that they provide enables me to make better decisions in my business. I highly recommend Syd and Daily Balance.

Deborah C.

We have worked with Daily Balance for over three years and we are very satisfied with accounting expertise they have brought to our non-profit.  This is a level we would not have been able to reach on our own due to the fact we are a small organization that could not afford to staff the high level positions it would require to get there.  It is great knowing Daily Balance can provide the required technology, level of staff knowledge and accomplish the things we need done without us having to worry about the finance function.  Instead we can focus on fulfilling the mission of our non profit.

Lester N.
All Clear

Dion N.

Daily Balance is a seamless partner with my Company. Not being distracted by accounting issues, I can focus on increasing sales and market penetration. Knowing that Daily Balance is always upgrading their security and accounting programs with an on-call CPA; gives me confidence in accurate and secure financial accounting of my Company.

Gary W.

When the decision was made to out-source our internal Accounting practices, the one statement made to us by Syd Highly President of Daily Balance was ……..”Think of us as your Accounting Department”……….for over 5 years we have done just that and have never looked back!

Gary G.

I appreciate the great job the team at Daily Balance has done for our team over the years. We have only wonderful things to say about their work and expertise. My requests and support needs come at all hours of the day and weekends too. The Daily Balance team seems to always be available and responds very quickly to any tasks, questions or needs that we have. We thank you for your continued support and contribution to our future.

Vicki S.

Cees M.

I've been going to Highly (Daily Balance) for years and he's always done me right….I've already sent my brother his way and I plan to send others!

Garrett M.

Blown away with the customer service and speed in which Mr. Highley (Daily Balance) and his staff provided and helped solved our problem…. I contacted Highley's office (Daily Balance) and he was able to see me the same day. He advised me what could be done and after expecting the problem to take weeks to rectify, I was contacted only 2 days later that everything was done, just in time for the deadline to be met!! …. I can't say enough good things about them. I will definitely go back to Mr. Highley (Daily Balance) and recommended everyone else to do the same for any tax or accounting issues!

Jen H.

New to the area and reached out to a few different accountants for advice. We decided to go with Mr. Highley's office (Daily Balance) and were thoroughly pleased throughout the entire process. Extremely helpful, thorough, easy to understand, professional and equally important to most of us, he was able to save us a considerable amount. Also, we have a business plan in place and we would like to say, Thank you Mr. Highley, our family looks forward to utilizing your services in the near future. Highly recommend!


He makes you feel comfortable & offers very good advice. His office is clean & professional with a flair of worldly decor. I am happy to have found a CPA (Daily Balance) I can trust. Thank you Syd!

Mish C.

Looking for a knowledgeable, friendly CPA? Look no further than Syd Highley, CPA (Daily Balance).…... Using Sydney Highley bookkeeping (Daily Balance) and tax services does not cost you it saves you stress, time and money.

David W.

We are happy with the work Syd (Daily Balance) does for us each year and keep going back….. Everything is smooth and he does a great job for us.

Bruce S.